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Cheap Guitar Parts

This page is a place where you can find some of the best cheap guitar parts online.

1) Pickups: These are some the most common components that people change/add to their guitars. If you are looking for new pickups for your electric guitar you have to check out this link for some awesome deals on killer pickups:

Electric Guitar Pickups

If you are thinking of either changing the pickup your acoustic guitar has or adding a pickup to an acoustic guitar without one, look no further that this:

Acoustic Guitar Pickups

2) Machine Heads: These can also be called tuners, gear heads, or tuning machines. They are the geared mechanisms that adjust the tension in the strings (they include the tuning peg as well) and are usually located on the headstock. The headstock will generally have one machine head for each string the instrument has.

These are parts that have to constantly endure a lot of stress from the strings and as such, can wear out/break down. As well, many instruments develop tuning issues as their machine heads start to wear out and so many people search for tuners that are more durable. Have a look at these machine heads….

3) Miscellaneous Parts: The guitar parts above are the most common things that musicians look for when they when they are searching for guitar parts. This is because they are more universal in the sense that they are much more interchangeable between instruments than specific little pieces. These are not the only parts that you can find online, it’s just that most parts are more specific to an individual guitar/situation.

If you are looking for a more specific part, check this out…

Hopefully reading this page gave you an idea of some of the guitar parts you can find online, and also offered some outrageously low prices on many great parts. Please check out the rest of Cheap Guitars HQ for some cheap guitars, amps, and other gear and accessories.